Before and After Samples

This 17 people Group Caricature was orderd as a retirement gift for the President of the company. It was printed on a poster and everyone signed it. Each person in the caricature is drawn doing a certain action they are known for, like cooking, golfing, running; or holding something very specific in their hands: lobster, golf club, law book, calculator, glass of red wine, weights, basketball, food etc. Some of them even have their University symbol printed on the shirt. The company logo was also added to the bottom of the caricature upon request.

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“Please show her kicking some boxes, typing on a computer and calculator, holding a phone, showing a big check and holding measuring tape. She should have several arms doing all that. Also, show an S like Superman under her shirt, and have 7 ducklings following her, representing her 7 children. On her head put a tiara because she is picture perfect at all times. “The young fellow with the black jacket and grey T-shirt is Jordan and is a Vancouver canucks fan so a jersey might be good.”
“We would be in the traditional wedding gown/tuxedo, the bride would be wearing a Notre Dame hat and the groom would be wearing a Miami Dolphins hat.The bride can be holding a New York Mets flag and the groom can be holding a Philadelphia Phillies flag. If the background could be Cinderella’s castle (which is the background of one of the pics) that would be great….it’s where we were engaged.” “I want this one to show me standing and holding a phone receiver because my tag line is going to be “Call Mr.Dishman”.The blue shirt with the Dish logo will be great, dark pants and dark shoes please. I need the caricature for my business cards.”
“I have attached the picture I want to use and was curious if you could put me in nurse scrubs (the typical blue) and him in a button up shirt with rolled sleeves (business like casual) with him standing behind me similar to the picture attached…” “Here is the picture that we discussed. Again I am hoping for a golf theme and maybe something retirement related. “
“Keep it in it’s chef uniform and use the same pose withknife and fork. Maybe a flame on the bottom half of the circle behind the chef. I need a circle around the caricature with the writings of: Japanese Food, teppan-yaki, and sushi bar within the circle lines” “In classroom, one sitting at the desk in a chair with legs up, one standing next to her, one standing in front of the desk, and one sitting ON the front of the desk.We would like to be wearing t-shirts with a big yellow star on it with jeans and light up shoes.The teacher sitting on the desk wants a shirt that says Super Star on it. On the blackboard please write over and over again, “I will assume the position”. Put books on the desk and a stack of deodorant cans. Large bottle Rx Adderall. Clock on the wall that shows 3:oo all the way around….”
“I want him to wear a baseball hat! I want a hat and a whistle and have him holding a clipboard.As discussed before please include sports equipment somehow: football, baseball, softball, basketball, lacrosse, cheerleading— these are priority, it would be great if you can get in tennis, volleyball, soccer, etc. Also, make his shirt a polo since that’s his favorite and the usual coaches shirt and have him wearing shorts and cleats. The name of the organization is Coach Joe’s Sports Assistance Fund, Inc., please split that title at the top and bottom of picture.” “The environment is a doctor’s office, busy surgeon’s practice, she is juggling patient needs, co worker needs, boss’s requests, on the phone, computer, writing in charts. She does it all with a smile and everyone believes he/she is the center of her attention, she wears “nursing top scrubs”, her hair is strawberry blonde and is slightly longer than in the picture…maybe an inch or two. Maybe, voice quotes coming in at different angles saying things like, “Julie!” or a voice from the boss’ office coming into the picture quoting, “Julie, what’s going on?!”
“Please have him wearing brown short pants and white tennis shoes (see attachment shorts and shoes).Wearing blue sweatshirt with blue polo collar including logos one on chest, one on right arm (see pose.jpg for shirt and logo.jpg for logo), the logo doesn’t have to be visible but similar to that).Include carpet cleaning machine similar to Professor Pyle logo (and floor machine.jpg)” We would like to have tropical beach background, palm trees etc. With Jenn in a white bikini and me in khaki cargo shorts with flip flops and visor. We are both well built, so nice physique’s would be great. Me holding her in my arms, like I would be carrying her across the threshold. Her hand should show a ring on her finger, her ring is 1.8 carats, so make it look BIG. Also a garter on her leg, to make it destination wedding theme.”
“I would love to have him coming out of a pint of beer holding a pencil and a pad. Thank you!” “I would like his face on an Philadelphia Eagles uniform, standing holding a football. Draw a partial football field behind him.The Eagles field is call Lincoln Financial Field so maybe a little piece of the field and a simple sign.” | PO Box 403 South Windsor, CT 06074 | Tel: 860 866-4633