Work Group Caricatures

Office/Work caricatures are great in any office. We can have your workmates caricaturized, every one of them doing a certain action, or holding a specific object in his hand. Print the caricature on a large poster in your office, post it on the company website and print it on brochures. Also makes an unforgettable retirement present. See here the instructions we received, as well the pictures for the Group Caricature above.

Vacation Group Caricature

Nothing can be nicer than having your family caricaturized in your prefferd theme after a great vacation, that you will remember forever. Let us know where and how you had fun, and we’ll make sure to capture the great memories for you. Let dorobantus bring your pets along with you as well!!

Wedding Party Group Caricatures

It is so much fun to have a caricature of the bride with her bridesmaids or the groomsmen hanging out with the groom. The caricature of your wedding party will be remembered forever and so will that special day with your best friends.

School Group Caricatures

Students and teachers group caricatures can be a great surprise gift to anyone in school, high school or college.

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Need more than 15 people in your group caricature?
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