Personal Caricatures Samples

Caricatures are fun no matter what. They are a great gift to anyone, because everyone loves caricatures. We will put a huge smile on your face with a great caricature, or your money back!

Music Caricature Samples

Choose your favourite movie, singer or simply tell us who your favourite actor is, and we will have your caricature drawn to match the theme you always wanted.

Sports Caricatures Samples

Everyone has a hobby, and so do you. The sport and hobby caricatures are an unique way to show others what you like to do with your free time. They are very popular to give as gifts to your loved ones.

Office Caricature Samples

The caricatures are very often used in your office; many people will use them in their email signatures, business cards, office stationery and business website. Great gift for your co-worker or boss.

Work Caricature Samples

No matter what kind of work you do, we can make a caricature of you showing you at work. We can draw your caricature in any setting you want, or holding a specific tool you use daily.

Doctor & Nurse Samples

It should be fun to go to the doctor as well, and we make it easier with our doctor and nurse caricatures. They are a great present, any doctor or nurse will love the caricature and proudly frame and hang it in the office..

College Caricature Samples

Kids Caricatures Samples

Kids love caricatures as well. Give them this special present after we draw their caricature in their favorite setting, costume or holding their so much loved toy. We can have caricatures for kids made for any age.

Personal Plus Caricatures

The extended background caricatures (Personal Plus) have a more detailed background or theme of your choice. They are very popular to print and frame, but not as effective to use on a website or email signature. The extended background can include extra objects of your choice to make the caricature more special and personal. | PO Box 403 South Windsor, CT 06074 | Tel: 860 866-4633